Though fluent in both English and Mandarin, Tzyy Yi Young speaks in the language of forms. Ms. Young, who goes by Amy in the West, was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Through a chance encounter with ceramic and glass after moving across the world she found her voice. As a writer uses a pen to speak their truth, Ms. Young uses both of the materials to shape hers.

       Once a student of science, Ms. Young’s analytic and observant nature is fulfilled by creating art through “things that spin”. In her practice, Amy captures her surroundings and translates the world around her into eloquent and simplistic three-dimensional forms. Her love of precision and interest in the relationship between form and function led her to complement her training in ceramics with the pursuit of glassblowing.

       Ms. Young received her BFA from the University of Washington in Three Dimensional Forms, and has continued her education at institutions such as Penland School of Craft, Haystack School of Craft, and Pilchuck Glass School.  Ms. Young was awarded an International Internship with Rometti in Umbertide, Italy, where she received the Rometti award, earning her work a place in their permanent collection. She is currently a long term resident at Pottery Northwest where she will continue to dissect the vernacular of her surroundings—creating elegant order out of complicated chaos.