A spinning object is a study on fluidity and transformation. The whirling pottery wheel and the rotating glassblowing rod invite me to dance, to move with a piece in a relationship of creation like no other. Both media are malleable, responsive and resilient- they present the possibility of continually reconsidering and reinventing forms to capture different moments. Clay offers the opportunity to directly contact the material, the imprint of my hands forever fixed in the piece. Hot glass holds the record of the symbiotic dependence between me and others, and the communication that emerges between us.   

       In my work I seek to isolate and cherish positive interactions through the meticulous arrangement of abstract forms. Though minimalism my practice represents moments of intimacy, community, strength and altruism found within the interaction of humans and animals. The correlation between objects and how they are perceived in a space is essential to illustrating a specific moment. Nothing is superficial: the scale, the shape, the lip, the surface, the lighting, the height and the spacing. Each installation tells a story through the carefully selected composition of forms, allowing me to speak to the viewer in the language of shapes.



If a writer has a pen, then wheel and pipe are my pen.

If a writer uses ink to write down thoughts, then clay and glass are the ink of my pen.

If a writer uses words as a language to express and create a communication, then forms are my language to communicate to the world.