As an artist, I am extremely fascinated by how we interact as people and work together towards finding solutions to the problems we face. That innovative spirit is what leads us to create new solutions for problems that plague our society nowadays. But our ability to innovate should be complemented by the very things that makes us human too, such as love, kindness and hope. A combination of those factors and the relationship within is what inspired and driven my work. I’m fascinated by human’s potential to equally destroy and improve living creature life. Our world is the world of interaction, and clay and glass give me the ability to communicate the world.

In my work, I seek to isolate and cherish positive interactions through the meticulous arrangement of abstract forms. Though minimalism my practice represents moments of intimacy, community, strength, and altruism found within the interaction of humans. The correlation between objects and how they are perceived in space is essential to illustrating a specific moment. Nothing is superficial: the scale, the shape, the lip, the surface, the lighting, the height, and the spacing. Each installation tells a story through the carefully selected composition of forms, allowing me to speak to the viewer in the language of shapes.

If a writer has a pen, then the wheel and the blowpipe are my pens. 

If a writer uses ink to write down thoughts, then clay and glass are the ink of my pen. 

If a writer uses words as a language to express and create a communication, then forms are my language to communicate to the world.

My practice began with the interaction between everyday things and how I interpret their characteristics and relationships into forms with colors abstractly. The main purpose of my craft is to portray these characteristics and to show that we all can relate to changing times. To create a message that says we are all equal but different at the same time.